Village of Flat Rock, NC

Dye Creek Restoration Project

Decades before The Park at Flat Rock existed, Dye Creek was “straight channeled,” destroying its natural flow and shape. The creek, which crosses eight Park acres, is rapidly deteriorating and needs our help! The construction you see is the work being done to restore Dye Creek to its natural state, returning it to its historic path and enhancing its beauty and health.

This work will also reduce contaminates and sediment load, resulting in improved water quality, create healthy habitats for fish and other wildlife, and enhance recreational opportunities. This project will transform nearly nine acres of empty fields back into the beautiful natural creek and wetland ecosystem it once was. New bridges will be put in place to protect the trails.

Construction began mid-March 2024 and is scheduled for completion before mid-June 2024.

The cost of the entire restoration project, including planning, design, and construction, is estimated to be around $475,000. The project is being funded by grants and donations from a variety of sources, including the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality, the Community Foundation of Henderson County, and the Flat Rock Park and Recreation Foundation, a nonprofit created by the Flat Rock Village Council in 2013 to support projects in the Park.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call the Park Director at 828.435.0397.