Village of Flat Rock, NC

Historic Landmarks Commission

The Historic Landmarks Commission is made up of five members appointed by the village council for four-year terms. Three of the five members are required to be village council members. The commission meets on an as-needed basis and all commission meetings are open to the public under N.C. Open Meetings Law.

The Historic Landmarks Commission serves the public both as a steward for historic properties and as a facilitator to those fortunate enough to own such properties. It provides assistance to owners and tenants, helps them plan the alterations that they are considering for their properties, and guides owners through the application process necessary to implement those changes.

The responsibilities of the Historic Landmarks Commission include the following:

  • Establish a historic landmarks inventory
  • Recommend the designation of historic landmarks to the village council
  • Grant requests for proposed changes to historic landmarks

You can find additional information on the historic landmarks application.


Village council liaison to the Historic Landmarks Commission: Cheryl Stuller

Historic Landmarks Commission members:

    Term Length
Cheryl Stuller Chair  
Victoria Flanagan Vice Chair  
Susan Gregory    
Beverly Stoney Johnson    
Matt Toner