The following Ordinances of the Village of Flat Rock are currently active and may be viewed by clicking on the desired name or number. Free software, Adobe Acrobat Reader, required. Get Adobe Acrobat Reader here.

Note: a number of ordinances are no longer valid or are amendments to various other ordinances and thus not listed here. If you desire a copy of an out of date ordinance, contact the Village Hall.

Ordinance NumberSubject
6Planning Ordinance (including amendments by Ordinance number 18)
25Establishment of the Board of Adjustments
29Electoral District Revision
3Cable television franchise agreement with Cablevision
12 Annexation of portions of Highland Lake development
13Closure of Mud Creek Cemetery Road
34Gas Franchise Agreement
44 Annexation of various properties in 2005/06
48 Annexation of Staton Woods in 2007
51 & 52 2008/2009 General Fund Budget Ordinance and 2008/2009 Capital Fund Budget.
54 & 55 General Fund Budget Amendment for 2008/2009 and

Amended 2008/09 Amended General Fund Budget

58 Zoning Ordinance adopted 05/04/09 (this ordinance is superseded by the LDO adopted on 07/08/10)
60 FY 2009/2010 General Fund Budget Ordinance
61 Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance Adopted 05-13-10
62 FY 2010/2011 General Fund Budget Ordinance adopted 06/06/10
63 Tree Preservation Ordinance (TPO) adopted 07/08/10
64 Land Development Ordinance (LDO) adopted 07/08/10
65Sign Control Ordinance - Amendments adopted 11/29/10
66 FY 2011/2012 General Fund Budget Ordinance adopted 06/09/11
67FY 2011/2012 Ordinance Modifying Electoral Districts following the 2010 Census, adopted 11/10/11

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